Eden Care is selected for the prestigious YCombinator summer 2023 batch.

San Fransisco, CA and Kigali, Rwanda - June 19, 2023

Born out of the desire to transform health care accessibility in Rwanda, Eden Care leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning and cutting-edge technologies to deliver hassle-free, affordable health insurance solutions. By providing a seamless and user-friendly platform, Eden Care empowers Rwandan organisations with the resources they need to support their employees and their dependents healthcare needs.

"Being accepted into Y Combinator is an extraordinary validation of the hard work and dedication our team has invested in our vision and to be part of changing the narrative on start-ups in Africa" said Moses Mukundi, Founder and CEO of Eden Care. "We are excited to utilize this opportunity to further optimize our technology and accelerate our mission of revolutionizing health insurance across Africa."

Y Combinator, based in Silicon Valley, is the world's most successful start-up accelerator known for supporting and investing in high-growth potential start-ups like Dropbox, Airbnb, and Stripe. The acceptance into Y Combinator is a testament to Eden Care's innovative approach and potential for scale.

Eden Care's digital platform democratizes access to health insurance, providing Rwandans with personalized health plans, access to a network of trusted healthcare providers, and automated claims processing. Moreover, Eden Care's digital platform harnesses data to provide actionable health insights, fostering preventive healthcare and promoting a healthier society.

With the backing of Y Combinator, Eden Care is set to amplify its efforts and commitment to redefining health insurance in Africa, aiming to extend its footprint beyond Rwanda.

“Being accepted into Y Combinator will be the catalytic force that fuels our growth, enabling us to revolutionize digital health insurance in Rwanda and beyond. It's not just about securing investment; it's about tapping into a wellspring of unparalleled knowledge, global connections, and the collective wisdom of an entrepreneurial community committed to redefining what's possible.” commented Tshepo Machele, Chief Growth Officer at Eden Care.

About Eden Care:

Eden Care is a digital health insurer targeting employers in Africa. The $10 billion African health insurance space suffers from an awful experience, runaway cost inflation, and generally broken trust. Eden Care is a cost-efficient underwriter that uses technology and data science to offer a delightful digital customer experience, relevant products, and personalized healthcare with a preventative focus.

Eden Care uses advanced technologies to offer streamlined, affordable health insurance services. The platform provides employers with bespoke health plans, access to a network of trusted healthcare providers, and automated claims processing. Eden Care's mission is to empower individuals with the resources they need to take control of their healthcare needs.

About Y Combinator:

Y Combinator is a Silicon Valley-based start-up accelerator that has backed over 4,000 companies since 2005. Many of the world's most influential tech companies, including Airbnb, Dropbox, and Stripe, have come out of Y Combinator, which provides seed funding for start-ups while connecting them with potential investors and acquirers.

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