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Get customer-ready quotes in an hour

We’ve reworked the health insurance process to make it work better. For you that means 1-hour quotes (and we’re working on making them nearly instant), less paperwork and busy work due to digital signup and client management, and lightning-fast payment.


Trusted Brokerages: Our Collaborative Partnerships


To empower you with the tools and materials to help you most effectively and
efficiently offer your clients digital-first healthcare that encourages members to be
their healthiest, happiest selves–and enables providers to put patient health first.


Paving the path to better care

Welcome to a revolutionary approach to healthcare. We’ve rethought the process every step, pulling on innovation and digital enhancements to enhance care, eliminate time-consuming busywork, and most effectively connect members with providers, resources, and tools.


Big thinkers, hard workers

Have a question? Your dedicated Eden Care Representative is ready to answer. Behind them is a talented team, many who have been selling health insurance for 20+ years. They’re all working hard to find new ways to streamline how we work with you and all our partners and better ways to empower members to live happier, healthier lives.

our Vision

At Eden Care, we envision a future where healthcare is accessible to all
through strategic partnerships with agents and brokers. Together, we
aim to create healthier and happier communities.


Boost business. Banish busywork.

Represent Diverse Product Portfolio

Offer your clients a comprehensive product portfolio–including health insurance and our ProActiv Health and Wellness plan. We customize each plan to meet your individual client’s needs and preferences.

Get Competitive Commissions

We’re partners all the way, and that includes sharing success with you for your efforts promoting and selling Eden Care products.

Tap Into Super Sales Support and Training

Easily enhance your product knowledge and sales opportunities with online and offline training and support.

Rely On Our Trusted Reputation

Partner with Rwandas first Digital Health Insurance. We’re known for our commitment quality service, innovation, and relentless focus on enhancing member wellbeing.


Howdy, partner

We’ve worked hard to make Eden Care as easy to sell and manage as it is to use for members. Here are just a few of the ways we do that for you.

Online Portal

Online Portal

Our online portal simplifies signup and management at every turn. What’s more, it also can help you manage your business proactively, alerting you to your clients’ upcoming renewal dates.

Let’s start working together.

Register for the Eden Care Partner Portal so you can begin offering our partner-based,
digital-first health insurance to your clients.