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Do everything faster. Get paid faster.

We’ve created the first digital-native health insurance that takes the paperwork and busywork out of the process for providers—and members and employers too. (It’s our pleasure.)


Trusted by over 600+ Service Providers


We’ve rethought health insurance to work better for those who work with us. We’ll continuously work to find new ways to work with you more efficiently, and more cost-efficiently, so we can all grow our businesses and keep the focus on our members.

About us

Paving the path to better care

We’re merging technology with process efficiency and putting wellness at the heart of everything we do. Wellness for members, of course. But a healthier way of doing business for providers and partners and the planet as a whole (goodbye paper-based forms.)


Putting partnership at the center

From round-the-clock support to efficient issue resolution and comprehensive training, we’re committed to building lasting partnerships with you, our esteemed service providers. It starts with a dedicated Relationship Manager who is up-to-speed understands your needs so we can tailor our assistance to ensure an ideal fit for your operations. We can’t wait to get started working together

Howdy, Partner

Spend less time on busywork, paperwork, and get paid on the schedule that works best for your business. Spend more time doing what you love: helping patients live their healthiest lives.



How our healthier approach to health insurance helps partners

Our comprehensive health insurance benefits our members, of course. But it also benefits our partners’ businesses in a myriad of meaningful ways.

Specialized Medical Services

Comprehensive Care Management

Our solutions cater to specialized medical services including mental health, physiotherapy, optical care, and dental services. We provide comprehensive care management tools that support personalized treatment plans and effective patient engagement.

Seamless Referrals and Coordination

Our platform facilitates seamless referrals and coordination among specialized medical service providers for a holistic approach to patient care and treatment planning.

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